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Tiling over a wooden floor and self leveling advice (with pics)

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 12:55 pm
by borr22
Hey everyone!

Im tiling my kitchen and lounge, the lounge is 5m x 5m and is a wooden floor with a RSJ support in the middle and the kitchen is 3.8m x 2.7m but is a concrete floor. (Pictures below)

The joists in the lounge have been reinforced by sistering the joists and installing noggins.

The kitchen is 25mm higher than the lounge with 22mm P5 T&G particleboard installed.

I want to tile the whole lounge and kitchen with 600mm x 600mm porcelain tiles.

The water-resitant particle board hasnt been installed yet, it has just been laid down for the plasterer so it can be changed if needed.

My plan was to:

Install the particle board

Use a cement board backer board on top

Use self leveling compound with a wire mesh to bring the lounge to the height of the kitchen

Install a ditra membrane for both the kitchen and lounge.

Use a flexible tile adhesive

Then tile
lounge 1.jpg
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