dot & dab aquapanel/ direct bond Aquapanel

Tiling questions and answers in here please

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panlid wrote:there is a difference in cutting the same way and it being as easy.
obviously if you are cutting a 2" strip off a board it wont work.
but if you want to do anything bigger then i dont have a problem doing it.
just do a light cut first with a knife and straight edge then remove the straight edge, run the knife down the cut a bit harder and snap it.
i have said all along it isnt as easy as P/B i am just saying you can cut it with a knife.
its english guys (accepted not always in its truest form) :lol:
I don't know what all the fuss is about - you do a light cut with a knife and straight edge, then cut down a bit harder and snap! :roll:

Simple - just like P/B :lol:

Cheers Panlid, tried it again and it cut like you said :thumbright:

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Re: dot & dab aquapanel/ direct bond Aquapanel

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Not to fan the flames, but if you leave an air gap, then stuff it with insulation?
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