Porcelain Wall Tiles

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Porcelain Wall Tiles

Post by Mcsmithy »

Good evening everyone. :hello2:

So i need to renovate a bathroom.

Currently two walls have original plaster/rebar mesh walls. 1940's terrace. its been painted and wallpapered at a later date, now stripped. Less than 10mm undulation solid walls.

The other two will be stud work(4x2) covered in a tile backer and brickwork covered in tile backer.

Tiles planned to use are porcelain 60cmx30cm no idea on weight but 5.36 Tiles per square metre, floor to ceiling.

Questions I have are,

1. Are the plastered mesh walls suitable to hold the tiles? And if so what prep work bonding should be done to the wall before installation.

2. Can i just use normal plasterboard board adhesive to fix the backing board to brickwork? And what prep bonding etc would be needed?

3. Do I need to waterproof/tank around the bathshower? It will be the backing board used

4. Adhesives, grout sealents etc. Which ones?

5. Backing board thickness required?

Any advice would be helpful and brand names as Ive not a clue :dunno:

Thank you in advance :thumbright:
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Porcelain Wall Tiles

Post by aeromech3 »

:welcomeuhm: Hoping an expert will join soon however I have renovated 3 bathrooms. There is a lot to learn, more than can be written here and you need to explore the web as well as follow bath and shower instructions.
1st Although Porcelain have an advantage of being more water resistant, do you understand the difference between ceramic and the more expensive + difficult to work Porcelain tiles?
1) No personal experience but would say it is risky, a tap tap test to see if the adhesion is solid.
2) Better to use a good tile adhesive, not ready mixed in a tub, after all that's what backer board is intended to take; after the periphery and dot and dab setting and levelling of boards on the wall has dried, there needs to be hard fixings adjacent or through the dot and dab positions; I always give a clean water misting (using a cleaned out Flash bottle) to the brick. so the adhesive does not dry out too quickly,
3) Be more specific are you fitting a bath and a shower tray unit? in which case tanking is not necessary but any wood supports should be treated and sealing of edges against wall, tiling down to units and sealing between tile and unit top edges is a minimum.
4) Can't go wrong with Mapei but I have used No Nonsense, of course must be water resistant, suitable for Porcelain and for walls not just floors! Grout same specs. Sealants silicone, good brand, preferred DOW, must be anti-mould (the anti bacteria is more for kitchen use).
5) 12mm is recommended for walls.
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