New backsplash help

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New backsplash help

Post by mayrp2001 »

Hi. I recently got a new kitchen installed and I am hoping to do the backsplash of it. It is not a large area, when I put. Laser level across it I noticed that the worktop is lower on one side of it by only a few mm's. I would say 5mms at most. I was wondering if I could start the backsplash from the worktop up as normal or.would I need to install a batten and tile from that area up then grind the first row of riles to fit?

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New backsplash help

Post by dewaltdisney »

The problem you have is that a 5mm drop will notice in the tile lines. I think that if you calculate a whole tile at the lowest point to give your datum line and trim the tiles on this course to provide a level line for the second course onwards it will work fine. You do not want to be cutting slivers so get the first run to make it easy to trim all tiles. However much will depend on the tiles you choose and prop a row against the wall on the worktop to get a 'feel' for how it will look.

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New backsplash help

Post by Grendel »

If it's only a few mm it might be possible to push up the worktop. It may be possible to wind up the legs of the units or alternatively release any screws at the rear and use a long shallow wedge between worktop and unit to raise it a little.
I wouldn't start cutting the first course even if moving the worktop is impossible. It might not be level but if it looks right then it is right . A row of cuts is always going to look wrong and considering you never noticed the "problem" until you put the laser level on it you wouldn't notice if the course of the tiles was a few mm out too
If there are wall units above and they are parallel to the worktop ie slightly out of level again i wouldn't worry about getting the tiles level , just work between the two.
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