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Tiling floor over cork tiles

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 3:49 pm
by sppc42

I need to tile my cloak room and on removing the carpet there, i realized that it has cork tiles glued to it. Removing the carpet has also caused a huge difference in floor levels between inside the cloak room and outside room adjoining it.

How can I raise the level of the floor - so as to be able to put Porcelin tiles on it? I don't think I can directly apply adhesive to the cork tiles as that might expand/contract at a differnt rate than the adhesive?

Attaching a pic of the floor.


Tiling floor over cork tiles

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 9:43 pm
by chrrris
I'm not a tiler, but we had those exact same cork tiles on our kitchen floor when we moved in here. We took them up just with a hammer and bolster (this was about 20 years ago, I didn't have the collection of power tools I have now). It was bloody hard work as I recall. It would probably be a lot easier & quicker with an sds drill and a wide chisel bit.

I then tiled directly onto the concrete subfloor, but if you need to raise it a bit before tiling, a self-levelling screed would do the job nicely.

2 decades later, and barring the grout needing a damn good clean, it's stood the test of time (which is a small miracle, considering I didn't have much of a clue what I was doing at the time).
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Tiling floor over cork tiles

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 10:25 am
by sppc42
Awesome, thanks for the insights. I'll do the same :)