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Tiling advice

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 8:30 am
by Adam85
Hi everyone

Just wanting some advice. Doing some lockdown tiling, and are putting some 440x880 porcelain tiles in a shower area. Walls are orbry boards on 2 sides and 1 side of hardibacker board. Tanked hardi with Mapei waterproof kit. Adhesive is Mapei keraquik S1.

Question is I had to put it on about 13-14mm thick in one area due to the fixings on the orbry board (spankers) and have since noticed that the max thickness is 10mm. The tiles in question all seem solid and have been up 24 hrs, but just wanting some advice from someone with more experinece.

Also noticed that the factsheet for the adhesive states not to use on areas of extreme vibration such as fibre-cement board? Is this applicable in my case when just used as a wall substrate? Don't see why there would be any vibration.

Many thanks for any advice.