Transitioning from concrete to floorboard, advice please

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Transitioning from concrete to floorboard, advice please

Post by happyhero »

Hi, I have tiled our extension/kitchen diner with 600mm x 900mm Porcelain tiles on top of a **** heated floor on top of 10mm Prowarm Backer-Pro tile backer board which is on top of a latex leveller on concrete but from the extension I now have to continue laying tiles on to the narrower original kitchen and it has old fashioned floor boards (NO tongue and groove).

The kitchen is about 2.6m wide and the kitchen is still in use so I can only tile into the suspended floor area up to about 500mm. The tiles I want to lay will be 400mm in the concrete side and 200mm in the suspended floor side.

The leveller has made it so that the concrete floor is virtually level with the suspended floor part so that laying the 10mm tile backer boards on to the suspended floor would create more or less the same height, so tile backer board level all through if wanted.

The house is 1930’s and I think the boards are original but ok.

I used Norcros S1 standard set (purple bag) which states how incredibly flexible it is and good for ply areas etc. It seems really good stuff capable of swimming pools it says somewhere etc, anyway I have few bags left. Apparently Norcros do an additive to make S1 into S2 if you really require it.

So whats best, what would make it the stiffest/sturdiest?

1.Should I remove the floor boards and make up the difference with plywood and if so what type?

2.Should I support the joists and if so with what?

3.Should I leave the floor boards and use the 10mm tile backer board (I have some left)?

4.Should I use ply on top (may be able to get away with 12mm since they don’t do 10mm) and if so which one, would this be sturdier than tile backer board?

Bear in mind at this stage I can only get into the suspended floor 500mm so across 2 joists at this stage but across full 2.6 width of kitchen.

Note: joists are running parallel to tiles I am about to lay.

Note: No heated floor going in the old kitchen but I will still lay the cable mat to create the same height (I have loads left)(it’s about 5mm thick I think).

Also when I take out the old kitchen, the suspended floor area what should I do there, bear in mind they are big tiles going on a suspended floor?

Any help/advice appreciated.
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