Washing machine spin but clothes still wet (sometimes!)

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Washing machine spin but clothes still wet (sometimes!)

Post by anguzito »

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place, I couldn't find an Appliances forum.
I have disassembled my integrated washer/dryer Electrolux machine to try solving the mistery of any spin program that runs after the wash, to properly dry the clothes, because they are all dry.
I have seen many videos and read a lot about washing machines, was hoping to find some sort of clog in a hose/pipe, in the pump, but after taking everything apart I didn't find any, just a little bit of dirt, but nothing else.
Put everything back together, tried a simple wash with simple load (just a few clothes), and observed the washing process, all fine, no sounds or different behaviour, and it spins fine. However, in the end the clothes were soaking wet still.
Tried just a 15min spin-only program, then it worked! But in the past it hasn't worked to do that as well.

Any tips/thoughts of what could cause intermittent draining issues? It still seems to me like a possible clog but not sure where to look anymore, I checked every hose of the attached pictures, took the ball out and cleaned it as well, cleaned the dirty reservoir in the back that seems to be related to the drying, not really linked to washing.
It doesn't seem to be anything electrical or mechanical as the whole process still works fine.
drain pump 2
drain pump 2
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drain pump
drain pump
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Washing machine spin but clothes still wet (sometimes!)

Post by big-all »

if the hose is clear is the pump working ??
also is the hose end at correct hieght and posion [not sitting in water]to prevent water syphoning back??
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Washing machine spin but clothes still wet (sometimes!)

Post by someone-else »

You can easily test the pump, put it on the shortest wash cycle with no clothes (or rinse if you can do that) and watch the water, if it gets pumped out straight away pump is fine.

With all washing machines, it looks like this part is the problem, but it's not, the part in question is not working as it should because something else is telling it not to, it's the something else that is the actual problem. I suspect it's a motor related problem. (But it could be the "banana")

All appliances have their own quirks, and unless you work with them everyday, you will not know, I would suggest you call electrolux and get them to fix it.
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Washing machine spin but clothes still wet (sometimes!)

Post by London mike 61 »

Try putting your question on here https://www.ukwhitegoods.co.uk/forums

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