Problems oiling hardwood decking

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Problems oiling hardwood decking

Post by Andmakeitsnappy »

I have a large area of hardwood decking. Laid 18 months ago it was beginning to look a little weathered so I gave it a going over with a power washer (on a lowish setting) and left it to dry for 48 hours. I then applied a coat of Cuprinol decking oil (water-based), waited 4 or 5 hours (it was sunny and the tin said the drying time was 2-6 hours) and when it felt dry to the touch, applied a second coat.

It looked beautiful, a rich golden brown that really brought out the grain in the wood. Happy with my day's hard work I went indoors. But my BBC weather app which predicted a 10% chance of rain lied to me. Three or four hours after applying the final coat it chucked it down.

This is the result: spots and long streaks of a waxy milk white residue sitting on the surface. It's not everywhere - some boards seem to have escaped it (no idea why) - but it's difficult to budge with the power washer without risking damage to the wood and a scrubbing brush just seems to smear it further into the grain.

Any suggestions on how to proceed are very much welcomed.
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Problems oiling hardwood decking

Post by Chop »

It sounds like your finished had plenty of time to dry I wonder if some parts of the decking get more sunshine than others due to surrounding buildings and trees and those parts are more sun bleached.
I offer no guarantee it will work but have a look at Osmo reviver gel, it comes in various sizes from 500ml upwards so wouldn't cost the earth to get some and spot test somewhere more inconspicuous to see if it helps? ... 2&page=270

I would hold back from reapplying the cuprinol on top of the osmo for a good 3 or 4 days to allow it it to fully dry.

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Problems oiling hardwood decking

Post by Toria »

Your error was trusting BBC weather - apparently, instead of getting the forecast from the Met Office, they've subcontracted it out to a third party and don't update so often, and not on weekends.

Saying that, the Met aren't so great around here for predicting rain. Quite often, 0% chance means it's bucketing down. Cycling friends swear by - a Norwegian site - and Will It Rain Today?

I also have milky dealing, but it is way down my list of things to fix atm.
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Problems oiling hardwood decking

Post by ahfix »

Try calling the Cuprinol support line, they might have the answer.

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Problems oiling hardwood decking

Post by ayjay »

I can't help wondering if 48 hours is sufficient drying time after the initial power-washing. :dunno:
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