Please help - Skirting To Floor Problems

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Please help - Skirting To Floor Problems

Post by jc456 »

Hi all

I hope you are well. I have little if any DIY experience and would very much appreciate some help. I have a new build (well now its 5 years!) which I am very happy with. I am getting a bit better at filling wall cracks, painting etc but now want to fix something i realy dont like: skirting to floor gaps.

I have attached some images but the gaps range from 0.3cm to a maximum of 0.95cm. As you can see they are all around the skirting. How do I fix this?

Some ideas I have had:
- Filling underneath the skirting board with wood filler or caulk..sand, paint, then putting silicone around as on the rest
- Trying to put silicone as is on it (just bigger "opening on the gun"
- Putting some stripwood under the big gaps with glue..then sand, paint, silicone

I would like to avoid taking the skirting off... my skills are no where near as confident to do that. Would like something that looks nice and causes little hassle. I know easier said than done. Any support appreciated!
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Please help - Skirting To Floor Problems

Post by dewaltdisney »

That looks horrible. Buy some sealant remover from Screwfix ... 00ml/88987 and remove the messy bits as much as you can. The laminate floor needs a lateral expansion gap but the skirting is too high. A way aroound this for the less skilled is to use beading like this ... pack/28158 to finish teh joim neatly. Shop around you can find it cheaper. Okay, corner mitre might be a challenge but you can work through that with some cheap tools.

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Please help - Skirting To Floor Problems

Post by fin »

woahhhh wtf is going on there.....

has the gap always been there?

has that gap between skirt and architrave always been there?

what is below the laminate? like what underlay? and what is the actual floor that the laminate is laid on?
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Please help - Skirting To Floor Problems

Post by yartin »

Is this a new build home? Usually comes with 10 years structural warranty.
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