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PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 7:25 pm 
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I hired a transformer to do some welding but the fuse blows,I thought it was because the current consumed was too much for the fuse but in the past I have had two different peope use the same power socket without blowing the fuse. They must have used the same kind of transformer that I used.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 7:27 pm 
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What's the input rating of the welding transformer?
What's the rating of the fuse it's blowing?

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 9:16 am 
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There are welding transformers and welding inverters, they are not the same, although used the same. So with a transformer there is a inrush when turned on, and often they are not permitted on a domestic supply because they can cause the whole streets supply to dip in voltage when you strike an arc, and where allowed normally require a 32A supply although you can some times get away with a 16A supply, but will likely need a type C or type D MCB to stand the inrush if the loop impedance to the supply can take one.

However the welding inverter is a completely different beast, the inrush is far less, and it does not cause spikes on the supply, and it only draws what it is set to output, so typical voltage from a welding set is 25 volt plus one volt for every 25 amp, so set to 100 amp it will be approx 29 volt, so 29 x 100 = 2900 watt so you should be able to use it on a 13A outlet, at 150 amp then 31 volt so 150 x 31 = 4650 watts = at 230 volt just over 20 amp, although a 13 amp fuse will allow more than 13A to flow, it is not really good enough for 20A so you would need a 16A outlet, and as long as short runs likely you would get away with it, even if technically over loaded.

Welding inverters often work on a high frequency, it feels as if using DC, although still 50/50 heat between rod and work, not the 25/75 split you get with DC.

Also house fuses vary, although most houses has a main incoming fuse holder marked 100A, the fuse inside can be 60, 80 or 100 amp, I hope this is not the fuse that went, as it required the DNO to be called to change it, your not permitted to change it yourself. A 200 amp welding transformer although 30A on switch on and when drawing an arc could take out a 60 amp supply fuse, specially if using other items as well, we would see 300A welding sets which were three phase on the odd time trip a 32A C type MCB the problem is welding transformers are not really three phase, they only use 2 phases, welding inverters are however true 3 phase.

Even 50 years ago there were problems with supplying welding machines, the Lincoln bullet was an early attempt to get around the problem, where a three phase motor drove a dynamo so the rotating mass absorbed the welding spikes, there were also DC. Today instead of a rotating mass we have capacitors with modern inverters.

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