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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2018 5:13 pm 
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Hi everyone,
I’m embarking on my latest DIY project and want to install Nest smart thermostats in my house. I’ve done it before in my previous property but I’d appreciate some bouncing of ideas and sanity checking on my current house, as the system is a little more complex. But should still be very logical. I just wanted to check.

What we have:
- House is 7-8 years old.
- Heating system never modified from its new build installers (as far as I know and can tell).
- 2 central heating zones (2 thermostats. 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs).
- Downstairs thermostat is an older mechanical dial style, no screen (a Danfoss).
- Upstairs thermostat is a modern Honeywell with screen and timer options of when to programme the upstairs heating.
- Boiler in kitchen. (Ideal Logic Heat 15)
- Hot water tank upstairs in airing cupboard. (Range Tribune HE, unvented heating and hot water system)
- Control programmer (Danfoss) next to boiler in the kitchen (the device that turns heating and hot water on, with the ‘boost’ buttons and schedule timer etc).
- Boiler has 2 cable boxes.
- One (a generic none branded cable box) which takes the cable feed from downstairs (power and boiler cables) and splits it into 3:
1) A zone valve [i] (I’m assuming this is the upstairs heating valve as its on its own.
2) 2 more cables that go into the second cable box attached to the hot water tank itself.
- This second cable box then splits into the following (A Danfoss WB12 box):
1) A zone valve [ii] (I’m assuming this is either hot water or the downstairs heating (and vice verse)
2) A zone valve [iii] (as above)
3) The Hot Water Tank Thermostat attached to the side of the boiler (to set how hot you want the water)
4) The water pump (A Grundfos)

The ask:
- Installing the actual thermostats should be very easy. Just replace the current wires that go in the existing thermostats into the new ones (just 2 cables go into both thermostats, though the upstairs thermostat cable has extra cables not used and kept just inside the hole in the wall, including earth, which isn’t needed anyway there (not sure what the other cables are though).

- The Heat Links is where it gets confusing. The downstairs one I’m hoping is easy. Where I should be able to literally remove the existing programmer and replace it, like for like with the cables, with the first Nest HeatLink.
This will give me hot water and downstairs heating with the downstairs thermostat. But it will not control upstairs yet.

- I’m told a separate HeatLink is needed for each zone on a multi-zone system. So I need to install a second HeatLink for the upstairs Thermostat.
- Where exactly will this one go?
- Where I think is in the airing cupboard attached to the first (none branded) cable box, sitting in between the wires (3 of them) coming from the first zone valve [i] and then power from the corresponding power pins in that first [i] cable box).
- Then I’ll have to figure out which 2 cables are to the current upstairs Honeywell digital thermostat and loop those into the HeatLink too.

- Do I need to disconnect the thermostat and valve from this cable box and put it directly into the HeatLink, then the HeatLink into the cable box? Or do I leave those cables as they are and just wire in the HeatLink to the same cable points? Or do I do the second option, but make sure the thermostat 2 wires are in the HeatLink so the power output to the Nest is correct?

Any corrections etc greatly appreciated.

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