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 Post subject: Re: Solar income
PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 12:28 pm 
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kellys_eye wrote:
It's not by virtue of proper investment or productivity that share prices are soaring - this is manipulation pure and simple. Many countries economies (perhaps the greater majority if not all) are seeing GDP increases in fractions of 1% and many even negative yet somehow share prices are rising? Not just rising but SOARING. Unbelievable. How does that work if both GDP and shares are supposedly linked?

Energy prices are rising? But the cost of energy has never been lower (coal, gas, oil prices etc) so the electricity price must be being 'forced' higher by other means - taxes, subsidies etc. You can't maintain share growth by constantly pushing up the prices ARTIFICIALLY as this creates the 'bubble' that is well talked about and all bubbles burst.

If you're wise and get your money out before that bubble bursts then good luck. Someone - MANY 'someones' - will not manage to do this and will end up considerably worse off than they started.

Besides being 'up 28%' is meaningly without context. £1 invested and 28p returned won't give you a great lifestyle. But £100k? £1m? - not a lot of people can do that........

As you imply, it's not knowing when to get in to shares that matters as much as knowing when to get out.
You need a cold analytical mind to do that.
No good being "In love" with one idea or business.
And I'm with you in that this thing is a bubble.

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 Post subject: Re: Solar income
PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:10 pm 
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Well I certainly wouldn't say markets are soaring, FTSE 100 is a good 1100 points off its 52 week high. Nasdaq and some of the others have had a spanking over the last 6-12 months.
In fact I would say that because the markets have been so precarious that safe haven stocks like this have do better.
Quite a bit of the solar income is linked with inflation and guaranteed by the government the rest is floating electricity market price.
As you know originally I suggested that bsif was a good alternative to buying and having fitted solar panels yourself because 1 it was cheap at the time £1 a share or less could be obtained and 2 they have economy of scale and very low cost borrowing to scale up far more than the average Joe.
So my investment was to hold and take the income or re invest the income until it pays your Green electricity bill in full each year.
And for that it has worked, on top of all the dividend income this has paid, (6-8 a year%) depending on if you prefer roce or straight dividend yield it has also increased in value /capital by about 28% so I would say its beat a investment in your own solar panels (original objective) by a good margin, and the increase in share price is backed up by an increase in earnings so its not all valuation increase at all.
Unless something drastic happens to bsif I will keep them just like I wouldn't sell solar panels that were stuck on the roof and still paying out an income.
You don't need millions of pounds to benefit from a good investment in fact as I originally said it was much more affordable way of buying solar, as you could pay a monthly amount to build it up, where as buy an array of panels yourself would have a big up front cost I would imagine £4000-£6000 would be harder to manage than £50-£100 a month.
It's worked for me anyway and it has beat buying solar hands down.

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