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 Post subject: just starting....
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 8:01 am 
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I am building my own house, and have been learning as i have been going along. I am just about to start doing the wiring!!!I am trying to find out the basics.Don't worry, I am not connecting anything, and all my work will be inspected by a qualified electrician. Just not prepared to pay £12k for the work to be done. Because I have exposed beams, I am trunking wires onto the slab before screed goes down. What I would like to know is, from the distribution box, how many rooms can I do on the ground floor for lights and switches? Can I have 1 continuous loop, or does it have to be per room. Also same question for sockets. I have the correct wires for both.
I do know the measurements for distances from floor to switch, floor to socket etc etc, just struggleing with circuits/loops. My Kitchen will be on its own circuit.
thank you

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 9:06 am 
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Hi 3years,


Glad to see that you are building your own home, That takes some guts!

The wiring depends on the size of the house.

Circuits are dependant on the total size and maximum demand.

A Normal size house, such as a three bedroom semi would normally have two lighting circuits, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Typically this would be wired in 1.0mm twin core and earth, I normally use 1.5mm twin core and earth as there is little price difference. The maximum amount a lighting circuit can supply is 1200 Watts = 12 * 100 Watt light bulbs. The maximum length of a lighting radial circuit is 59 metres( providing you use a 6amp rating device and 1.5mm twin core and earth)

If you use 1.0 mm twin core and earth with a 6 amp rating device then the maximum length of the circuit will be 38 metres

The sockets are normally on a ring main circuit, often there is only two in a normal house, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I normally install three and put the kitchen on it's own ring main like you are doing as the kitchen is where all the high wattage appliances are.

Ring main circuits are normally wired in 2.5mm twin core and earth and are governed by two things, one is the area that the ring main covers, this should be less than 90 Metres and should be reduced if the maximum demand is estimated to be over 7.2 KW.

Hope this has answered your question!

How big is the house that you are building?

Good luck

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 8:40 pm 
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don't want to pee on ya fire here but 1mm is bad advice, dont use it, no one can say without being on site that it will do, personly i use 1.5mm as standard now - it saves the client ripping walls to bits later on when they want that extra light....

also, if i were you, dont want to put you down but if your asking questions like this your probrably better off saving money via the following;

1) get an electrician to do the plans for you and install the cable to his spec, leaving it completly open to inspection by him regularly
however, you may have trouble finding somone willing to do this

2) use your local council, whilst this is all well and good, they oftern insist on you using a compitent electrician to do the wiring anyway - so no diy policy even though the ODPM say its ok

3) offer to labour for the electrician, do all the donkey work and say you will clear up ect ect - its oftern the longest part of a job!

personaly i would go for three, its what id be prepared to have somone do and recently i nocked 500 for somone to do this from a 2500 job, they cleaned up, they also insisted on buying materials on the false idea that they would save money - they dident because they brough the wrong stuff, wholesalers wouldent take it back as they had apparently opened the packing :? (god knows why) plus they paid joe public prices

whereas with me id have brought them at 40% discount, added on 30% for my spec and hastle and any problems with the order would have been mine 8)

and then there are the people who walk into my wholesalers trying to pretend to be electricians to get the discount, dont try that one, unless you know the jargon they will likly add on a few % to the price :lol:

i know its probrably not advice you want to hear, saving yourself 12k, but other than telling you to get 3 quotes minimum, you dont sound like you know anyware near enough to do the work and get it passed - dont forget, somuch as 1 breach of the regs, even tiny and the council/inspecting electrician will no sign it / or will leave your certificate with a huge mark on the deviations box - bad thing when selling/insurance!


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