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 Post subject: Hive Wiring Help
PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:33 am 
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Hi all,

I'm after some assistance in wiring up my new Hive Active Heating Thermostat (with single channel receiver).

My current setup consists of an old heating timer, connected to my Worcester 24i Junior combi boiler. I don't currently have a thermostat.

I've tried to draw a wiring diagram of how this is currently wired up (Current Wiring.pdf).

My question is how do I wire up to the Hive receiver correctly? I've drawn up what I think I need to do (Hive Wiring.pdf), is this right?

I've also attached some actual images of the current setup to hopefully be clear.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hive Instructions.png
Hive Instructions.png [ 121.42 KiB | Viewed 342 times ]
Hive Wiring.pdf [15.51 KiB]
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Current Wiring.pdf [15.97 KiB]
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 Post subject: Re: Hive Wiring Help
PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:50 am 
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Hive is not really suitable for that boiler, Wave is the correct thermostat and it connects to either BB or EMS BUS never fitted one, only read the instructions. It seems the thermostat turns the boiler output up/down rather than on/off and so less heat is lost from flue which happens every time boiler turns off, so idea is to only turn boiler off when already running at minimum output, same as a car reducing acceleration to maintain a steady output is better then running flat out then applying the brakes.

However to my mind I want every room at set temperature not just the one with wall thermostat, and Wave fits in one room only, and another way to control that boiler is using the return water temperature, so I fitted electronic thermostatic radiator valve heads (eTRV) which better control room temperature.

This still leaves a problem for a fully automated system, i.e. too lazy or not at home to turn it off on a warm day. Lr, Ls, and Ns are provided for external switching off of the boiler, there is normally a link Lr to Ls which needs removing. Lr and Ns are permanent line and neutral you would need a link permanent line to common, and Ls would connect to 3 Heating on (N/O) the on/off thermostat needs to be a low quality unit fitted in the coolest room so when we have warm weather it will switch off the boiler, but in cool or cold weather it will never operate. This is because as said every time it switches off/on heat is lost out of the flue.

So Hive is too good/too poor of a thermostat it has anti hysteresis software which reduces the over shoot good with an on/off boiler, bad with a modulating boiler as it wastes energy, either you want a modulating thermostat to match the modulating boiler with Bosch there is only wave, or a very simple thermostat without anti hysteresis software.

Nest can be used as a modulating thermostat, but expects 48 volt from boiler uses OpenTherm protocol, Bosch however uses 15 volt so it rather limits thermostats that can be used.

You can clearly connect the thermostat you have, and it will control the boiler, I have a thermostat with anti hysteresis software built in, not fitted by me I may add, and as long as the TRV in the same room (In my case the hall) is set lower than the thermostat, then thermostat will only operate on warm days, control of room temperature is from eTRV heads.

My eTRV heads now work well, however I will admit it was not always that way, the TRV should be fitted to the supply to radiator so as soon as radiator start to heat the valve starts to close and regulate the flow, however it seems most of mine are fitted to the return side, so radiator gets hot before the eTRV sensor detects hot water flowing, valves are bi-directional, but it is the radiator heating before the valve which is problem. After some experiments I found by careful adjustment of the lock shield valve I was able to get the eTRV heads to work spot on, question is however had I done this before fitting £200 worth of electronic heads, would the old wax heads also have worked A1?

I have looked at the Terrier i30 heads, far cheaper than my Energenie heads, although not wifi connected, my idea was to fit Nest which will hand shake with the Energenie heads, then I found wrong voltage so Nest it seems will not work on the BUS only off/on same as Hive, however unlike Hive it does link to TRV heads.

I have been looking at new houses, and with an extended living room I think Wave would work, with TRV heads to match radiator output to ensure other rooms get hot, however I think an OpenTherm enabled boiler is a better option.

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