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 Post subject: Hive installation help
PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:43 pm 
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My dad bought me a hive thermostat kit for my new build house. Have connected the N and L wires. However not sure which wire is common wire. The old thermostat which runs off batteries just had N and L wires connected. there is a yellow/green striped wire connected to something separate and there is a grey wire which has not been stripped. I'm thinking this is the common wire but not 100% sure. Could someone clarify what they think these two wires are. First thing I've done this before so don't want to put wrong wire in lol. Have taken picture but forum saying it's too big too post when I tried to attach

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:39 pm 
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I have not wired a house since the Hive, Nest, EvoHome, Wiser and others have come onto the market, however from what I understand the thermostat and electronic heads for the thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) on these are all WiFi connected and the base is normally replacing the programmer rather than wall thermostat.

The wall thermostat wires are disconnected, in some cases they are reused to send 12 volt or 5 volt to power the wireless unit but it is not simply swap thermostat it is swap programmer.

The cheaper units it seems still use wall thermostats, the better units use the thermostat built into the eTRV and as a result allow proper individual temperature control of each room.

The whole idea of improved control is to remove the hysteresis best option is where the flame on the boiler alters and the water through each radiator is controlled gradually rather than simple on/off. Better boilers will connect to the hub using a system called OpenTherm but any condensate boiler will vary flame height to suit demand.

As a result using a wall thermostat is last resort, where one can control should be with the TRV. However the better wall thermostats instead of switch off when temperature is reached and on again when it has cooled again, they start switching on and off (called mark space) as the set temperature is approached so reduce the hysteresis, however as one develops the system you find the eTRV head also tries to reduce hysteresis and you need to have then linked with follow commands otherwise any temperature change is very slow.

I used Energenie eTRV and was rather disappointed with response times, I have to set to 24 deg for 2 hours then back to 20 deg or it takes around 4 to 6 hours to reach new settings.

Now I know I wish I had never fitted the half hearted system and used Evohome to start with, with an open plan house or at least a house where no one closes doors a single thermostat may work, but before you go to all the work of fitting Hive be aware it was designed for USA hot air systems and although using IFTTT and follow commands it will work with a British system it is not really designed to use wall thermostats.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:35 pm 
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The yellow/ green wire is the earth.

As for what the other ones are its any ones guess

You will need a multi meter to find out OR if you know where the other end of the cable is you can look there.
I will also suggest that what you think are Live and Neutral are NOT live and neutral, since a battery operated room stat does not need them. I would say what you have is Live and switched Live.

Picture of the other end of the cable would help, failing that, you will need to get some one in.

Take it easy, a forum is only a collection of opinions. Above, are mine.

Which is correct? Metre or Meter? Click the link. to find out more.

No such thing as "Thou shalt put this wire here, Thou shalt put that wire there" .............Take a picture BEFORE you do the job.

If gloom had a voice, it would be me. :mrgreen:

:idea1: How to post a picture on this forum Click here

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:41 pm 
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We need to know what boiler and system you have

As always help on here is free, however if you think you have saved a decent sum of money why not click the link to find out about the charity we're currently supporting? A couple of quid makes a real difference.


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