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When renewing the doors in your house you may come across a common problem if fitting the pressed 6 or 4 panelled doors in that they only come in standard sizes

For an odd size or shape the norm is to buy a flush door and the stick beading on it to try and make it look like a panelled door or get one custom made which can work out expensive

Here is a solution so that you can keep all your doors looking uniform


The only drawback is that for slopping top doors you may need to buy an extra door, but weighed against the cost of beading or a custom made door its not that much of a drawback

If you are just reducing the height of the door, the section cut off can be reused


New panel door

From this



Finished door To this


Cut door Or This


Small doors Or This


Mark door

Firstly cut the door to the required shape and transfer measurements A & B to the cut door, mark the lines with a stanley knife which will help reduce any breakout  ( bare in mind that measurement A may vary if from different parts of the door )


Mark door

Cut the infill pieces if required from the spare door as shown from the outside edge of the door to the edge of the raised panel


Cut jigsaw blade

Cut a jigsaw blade down to lengh so that when cutting the tip of the blade just misses the high point of the panel below ( as you can see only one skin of the door can be cut at a time because when the doors are manufactured the panels are not aligned ) Could also be cut out with a Tenon saw


Cut first skin Cut the first skin, mark out as before and cut the second


Cut blocks

Cut blocks and frame as shown from part of door that was cut off ( take note of the bevelled blocks for the raised panels )

Cut and pin


Glue and pin

Cut the new section to suit, glue and pin together( cut the pieces slightly oversize to allow for a bit of adjustment and good fit )



fill and prime A little bit of 2 part filler here and there, light rub down, and coat of primer 


small doors A small pair of doors using the same principle


flush If using grained panel doors try to get the sections as flush as posible to avoid sanding off the grain
















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Special thanks to tryanything for submitting this project