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Decking an outside area of your home can have several benefits. Decking is often much easier to install than patio flags and can enable most people to enjoy outdoor living, such as dining outside or sunbathing. Building a deck is relatively easy and can easily be accomplished by those with a little DIY experience. Here in the decking section you will find the information you need that will show you step by step how to build a deck-


decking Before planning your deck it is advisable to check with your local building control to see if any permission is required for building the deck. Building regulations change regularly and decking has been included in some of the building regulations, so it is advisable to check before starting to build the deck.






decking examples

Decking examples

Here we have some examples of decks that will hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration.


decking patterns

Decking patterns

Decking patterns are looked at in here as well as what type of decking frame you will need for each particular pattern.



Decking basics

Decking basics


Some basic guidelines and advice in this section.


Cutting decking

Cutting Decking

How to cut the joists and which saws to use for cutting the individual components.



Installing deck posts

Fixing decking posts

If you are building an elevated deck then you will need to fit decking posts. This section shows you how to install them.


Fixing the ledger

Fixing a ledger

If your deck is to be fixed to a property then you will need to fix a ledger to the wall. This is described in detail here.


Fixing Joists and noggins

Fixing joists and noggins

Here we look at how to fix the deck together and the techniques for fastening the joists and noggins to the decking structure.


Fitting newel posts

Fitting newel posts

How to fit the newel post to the deck is described in this section.


Fixing deck boards

Fixing deck boards

How to fix the deck boards to the deck structure using either screws or decking clips.



Handrail fitting

Fitting the handrail

Here we look at a few different ways to fit the handrail to the newel posts.



Fitting spindles

Fitting spindles


How to fit the spindles to the handrail and base rail.




Decking Project

Decking project

This is a project from start to finish and briefly describes what is involved in building a deck. More detailed instructions can be found in the relevant pages above.