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Here is how much an approved plumber might charge to do specific plumbing jobs according to united utilities.

Obviously if you can do at least some of these tasks yourself then you will not have to pay these extortionate charges.

A local plumber will also probably do many of these jobs much cheaper than listed below.



Repair leaking toilet £117.00


Repair burst internal water supply pipe £205.00


Unblock drain  £141.00


Drain down and isolate leaking cold water tank £125.00


Repair burst pipe joint £89.00


Repair nail through heating pipe £164.00


Unblock Kitchen sink £ 75.00


Fix Collapsed drain £360.00


Drain down and isolate leaking hot water cylinder £158.00


Unblock toilet  £75.00


Prices are correct as 9th March 2005

These prices seem expensive to say the least, but then again we are talking about United Utilities, who were formerly publicly owned.



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