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Painting using aerosols

Aerosol paint




Ideal for car maintenance, curtain rails etcAs with all painting, it is essential to carryout the correct preparation.Make sure there is no rust, grease oil or dirt on the metal, and its smooth. It is a good idea to clean the metal that is to be painted by using a clean rag and some of the thinners for that particular type of paint, this will remove and surface dust or grease and will ensure that the paint sticks well to the metal.

Prime the area with a suitable primer first.





You should be in an open area and wearing a suitable breathing mask.



You should be in an open area and wearing a suitable breathing mask.

Start at one edge, hold the can just off to the side, and about 12” or 30cm away, start to spray using as long and straight motion as possible. As you get to the opposite side release the nozzle. This will prevent a build up of paint on the edges causing runs.

If it’s a piece with many internal corners it’s a good idea to put some paint in all the corners first, again, that will reduce the chance of runs.

Remember, its better to do a number of light coats than one or two heavy coats

Always read the manufacturers instructions.

Clear lacquers are also available for protection of bare metal such as copper and brass.

When you have finished spraying, turn the spray can upside down and depress the button for a few seconds, this blows any paint out of the nozzle and ensures that you can use it again in the future.


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