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Metal Primers

Metal primer




Primers are required to make the top coat stick to the metal properly.There are many types of metal primer available, the most common being zinc phosphate. They are available in cans and sprays.If you are going to use any type of paint other than hammer finish, a primer will be needed, although it maybe required on galvanised steel.

As well as applying the primer with a paint brush you can use spray cans or you can use a spray gun and compressor. If using the spray gun and compressor you must thin the primer down to the recommended viscosity with the recommended thinners. It is also a good idea to clean the metal first using a clean rag and some thinners as this will remove and greasy deposits before painting.


compressor spray Gun Paint Brush

Spray Paint

Compressor and spray gun Paint brush  Spray can


Special primers are required for painting galvanised steel and aluminium. These are called etch primers, they basically etch the metal surface providing a grip or key for the normal primer. You only need to apply a light coat prior to the normal primer coat.



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