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welcome to the metal working section, here you will learn how to work with metal such as how to drill and cut most types of metal. Metal is one of the most versatile materials that a DIY'er can use as it can be drilled, tapped, welded, riveted and painted almost any colour.

Cutting metal How to cut Metal

Easy ways for the DIY er to cut Metal


Drilling metal

How to drill Metal

Different types of Drill Bit are explained in this section.


Metal drilling speeds How to drill Metal

The techniques for drilling metal including metal drilling speed charts


  Repairing alloy with easyweld How to use Easyweld

You can Braze Aluminium, solder non ferrous metals and weld Zinc easily with these inexpensive rods



How to paint metal How to Paint Metal.

Which paints to use for protecting and finishing metal.

    renovating railings

Renovating Railings


How to renovate rusty old railings and get them looking like new


Tapping metal

Tap metal

How to tap a thread in metal using a tap and tap wrench

    Tap and Die


Tap and Die

Tap and die information including a Metric ISO tap drilling size guide



How to remove a broken bolt How to remove a broken bolt   How to drill hardened steel

Drilling hardened steel

How to drill hardened steel