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Unblocking a drain or soil pipe is not difficult but you are going to require a set of drain rods or a power washer with a drain jet attachment to clear the blockage.

Firstly you need to discover exactly where the drain is blocked, start by lifting the inspection cover on the drain from your property.




Inspection cover

A typical inspection cover would look like the one above, there are normally two handles to lift the manhole cover, although some require a man hole cover key-

man hole cover keys

This drain runs to the communal sewer and could have a few channels joining the drain. All of the channels should be clear, if not the channel that is blocked will require unblocking by using the drain rods.

drain rods

Drain rods are what a chimney sweep would use to sweep a chimney but for sweeping a brush would be attached to the end of the rods.

Heavy duty rubber gloves are recommended!

Be aware that it is not unusual for drug addicts to discard syringes down drains and so be very careful, never insert your hands where you cannot see them.


The Double Worm screw is used to retrieve an obstruction and the Rubber plunger is used to create a build up of pressure which will force the obstruction to clear.


The first rod should have either  the double worm screw or the 100mm rubber plunger attachment fastened to the end then it should be pushed up the pipe that is blocked, Now screw the next length of drain rod into the first rod and repeat this process until the rod is long enough to reach the blockage. Push the rods back and forth and keep turning them clock wise. DO NOT turn them anti clock wise or they will unscrew and be very difficult to remove from the drain. You should feel it when the blockage has been dislodged, swill plenty of water down the inspection cover to ensure that the drain is now free from blockages. Remove the drain rods and clean them with some soap and water.



Soil Pipe Unblocking

Un blocking a soil pipe is very similar to unblocking a drain as the same tools are used. All soil pipes should be fitted with an access point, this is simply a cover that unscrews and allows access to the pipe. Unscrew this cover and you should be able to clear the blockage from the pipe with the drain rods.




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